A permanent support

A full basic training

As part of his integration into the network, the concierge service Manager will be provided at the end of his training course all tools and methodology which will enable him to manage with full autonomy his business development, the operational organization specific to concierge service activity, human and technical management of his subcontractors, follow-up of his customers and service providers, and billing of services.

Training sessions on a regular basis, for the franchisee and his team. 

A support right from the identification of the project : 
• We support you in the study of the area concerned and the potential to be developed
• Our results, standing and modeling, will facilitate your approach of the main financial actors of Partner – LA CONCIERGERIE

• Un outil informatique de gestion « métier » performant et évolutif, spécialement créé pour l’activité de conciergerie home partner.

• Communication tools in-step with your customers, constantly evolving and tailor-made (swebsite, brochures, flyers, showcase, covering vehicle, tee-shirt, tickets …)

• A national website linked to the showcase website of each franchisee

• A community Manager ensuring creation and running of major social networks Facebook andLinkedIn

• An animation and personalized assistance service at the start and throughout the business activity

• A regular regional animation and a yearly national convention

• An internal training organization in aggregation process

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