Serving your tenants and your property

Do you own property that you rent out or occupy occasionally?
Do you want to preserve, enjoy and enhance your assets?
You would like to rent out your property, but how can you combine a busy life with the constraints of short-term rental, without compromising on the quality of the reception and services?

Just like you, we have been faced with these questions.

That's why we have created a simple, flexible and efficient service, the Home Partner - CONCIERGE service: the first concierge network adapted to furnished and short-term rentals.

An easier relationship

Accessing the services of Home Partner – LA CONCIERGERIE is very simple:

Contact us by telephone, via the website or at the Home Partner - LA CONCIERGERIE agency of the property concerned.

Let's choose together the Home Partner package or the answer to your needs that suits you the least.

Order and monitor your various services via the online service.

Receive your Home Partner - LA CONCIERGERIE access code to our software for 24/7 use.

Receive your monthly invoice, with no surprises.

Evaluate the services provided.

A trusted partner

Invested in our mission, we have chosen to commit ourselves and to guarantee the quality of our services :

Getting to know you well: Through an interview and a one-hour visit of your property to get to know you. All your expectations and the components of your property will be recorded and regularly updated in our software.

Guarantee your satisfaction and that of your tenants: by ensuring that their stay is taken care of, according to your reception criteria and an "evaluation notice" after each service.

Trusted partners: to guarantee services by professionals trained in our methods and regularly tested by the Personnel Manager.

Always close to you: Wherever you are, 24 hours a day, thanks to your login code, and from all types of media (telephone, tablet, computer) send your requests and receive our response within 24 hours.