in line with your needs

For each property entrusted, choose your subscription key :


Guarding of your property’s keys
for 1 year


Guarding of your property’s keys for 1 year
+ services defined in a pre-established list


Guarding of your property’s keys for 1 year
+ expanded services

Then choose our different PASS…


Formula per stay defined on the amount of the rental


Tailor our services to your needs

A simple and customized offer

For all customers (renters or not) :

  1. Guarding of property’s keys (on site access 24 hours a day throughout the year)
  2. Everyday management and maintenance of your property (primary or secondary residence)
  3. Administrative assistance et foreign citizen’s help:
    • Switching power back on after cuts due to overdue rents or storms
    • Making connections with firms and administration for foreigners who do not speak French (information, statements, translations)
    • Making connections with administration: taxes, town-hall, technical services
  4. On demand services
  5. Follow-up et guarding property
  6. Home staging
  7. Searching estimates for comparison
  8. Letter collect and return, meter readings
  9. On-demand or regular inspection visit (monthly
  10. Management of owner’s laundry, taking bed linen to laundry
  11. Management of water damage, statement of assurance, welcoming expert
  1. Management of transport
  2. Follow-up maintenance of your car left on site
  3. Works:
    • Obtaining estimates, welcoming artisans, seeking for service provider
    • Cleaning, emptying and droping off at the waste disposal
    • Follow-up of works and customer information
    • Minor maintenance work, measurement process
    • Renovation work, painting, laying a parquet floor (on quotation)
    • Assembling flat-pack furniture
    • Grass cutting, hedge-cutting and cutting small trees
  4. Yearly maintenances:
    • Annual maintenance of your heating equipment with the supplier
    • Complete household cleaning at the beginning or end of the season
    • Wall-to-wall carpet, curtains and carpet cleaning
    • Wood delivery and chimney sweeping

And, particularly for rental landlords:

  1. Personalized welcoming of tenant
  2. Management and follow-up of your rentals on-site
  3. Management and tracking of your keys (handing-over and recovery)
  4. Assistance of tenant during his/her stay
  1. Switching-on and off the heating, frost protection, small snow-remova
  2. House-keeping, windows, emptying of refrigerator (forgotten foodstuffs)
  3. Bed linen hiring, bed making
  4. Checking visit at the end of the stay

Other Services

  1. Installation and maintenance of jacuzzi
  2. IInstallation and troubleshooting internet, software and home-cinema’s installation
  3. Representation at the General Meeting
  1. Transfert of vehicule, sending vehicules to be inspected or repaired
  2. Interlinking tenant/rental landlord
  3. Collecting grocery shopping at the Drive-in facilities

Generally speaking, your home partner is there to make your life easier and to help you to enjoy your holidays to the utmost, and those of your clients or your friends.

Depending on your situation and needs, these services are provided to you on request or on a subscription basis.

Choose your Access Key, contact the nearest Home Partner – LA CONCIERGERIE’s agency from your property concerned.