Home staging is the process of preparing your home in such a way as to show it off with enticing photographs.

Although you don’t want your guests to settle permanently in your home, you do want them to imagine themselves there, even if it’s just for the weekend.

The aim of staging a holiday rental is to attract your guests’ attention during the pre-booking phase while creating the perfect setting when they enter your property.


5 tips to apply at home :


Create the illusion of space:

Colour plays an important role in creating a space.

Neutral , non-distracting colours are easier for the eye to follow.


Favouring large mirrors too, particularly in narrow passageways or areas that lack natural light, will help to amplify the size of your property.

Get rid of distractions

Having too much furniture can make a space feel small and cluttered.

When choosing furniture, try to think about an appropriate size for the space.

Like an L-shaped sofa, it can be unnecessarily large for your needs and close off open spaces.



Lampadaire | Leroy Merlin

Focus on lighting

Ceiling lights are not enough.
Opt for warmer lighting to create a more welcoming atmosphere, by positioning them at different heights.




Play with colours

Make sure you don’t overdo it with colour or, on the contrary, don’t use too much colour, otherwise your property will have a cold atmosphere, which is not to everyone’s taste.
These alterations may represent major renovations, but they can be crucial in getting more customers to book your holiday rental.


The outside must be as beautiful as the inside

Dirty and stained windows are much more visible in photos and can give guests the impression that your space is not well maintained.

Don’t neglect the greenery.

Freshen up your garden, plant colourful shrubs around the letterbox and repair dead spots in your yard. These small details will brighten up your outdoor space and encourage your guests to enjoy your home inside and out.

Did you know that our concierges are trained in home staging ?

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