How can you maximise your booking rate?

Do you own a magnificent property and want to present it in an irresistible way to attract more tenants ?

Check out these 5 must-have tips for the perfect rental ad that will maximise your bookings and set you apart in the competitive holiday rental market.


  1. Catchy, seasonal headline Your headline is the first thing potential tenants will see. Opt for a catchy title that highlights the uniqueness of your property without going into unnecessary detail. Avoid irrelevant location information and adapt your title according to the season to attract different types of traveller.



2. Targeted and personal description The description of your advert should be tailored to your target audience. Adopt a personal tone that reflects the atmosphere of your property and highlight what makes it unique. Be concise and structured to make it easy to read.

3.Reassuring host profile Create a positive image of yourself as a host. Reassure potential tenants by emphasising your reliability and your availability to meet their needs.



4.High definition photos Photos are crucial for inspiring confidence in potential tenants and showing them the quality of your accommodation. Opt for high-definition images that highlight the strong points of your property.

5.Instant booking for greater speed Make the booking process quick and easy by offering instant booking. This allows potential tenants to book your property in just a few clicks, while giving you total control over bookings.

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