OWNERS … Occupy or rent your property with total piece of mind !

• Your on-site professional contact : we will be responsible for you as well as for your tenants.
• Your help to generate rental incomes without the constraints.
• We keep your real property in good repair and welcoming throughout the year.
• As a reliable contact partner, we make your life and that of your occupants easier.
• Save your energy for the good times, we will take care of the rest !

Close to you and your real property in any circumstances, we live on-site to manage any emergency.

HOLIDAY-MAKERS or PROFESSIONALS … Let us make your stay a wellbeing parenthesis !

• Your on-site professional caretaker : we bring you in-home hotel service
• As local contact partner, we are available and can provide a solution to each request
• Whether it is for your family, your friends, your lover, or for your work, we take care of your comfort !

Meeting you and your wishes, we make everything we can to help you feel « better than at home »

High quality services

• A careful listening of your needs and those of travellers.
• Service providers selected and managed by us.
• Selected partners at local and national level.
• A well-oiled organization : training, defined and shared processes, a real-time management software.
• Personalized follow-up : a close relationship with a regular report.

YOUR PROFESIONAL CONCIERGE helps and advises you

We take the time to analyze your real estate and your specific needs :
• You are the owner of your secondary residence : we take care of your daily work routine and maintenance. Together, we build the most balanced solution at controlled costs.
• You are the owner of one or more real estates : we help you to turn them into a sustainable source of revenue.

Our range of hotel and stewardship services are available to guide you : prepare your property for renting, help you with compliance procedures, furnish, equip, install, layout, welcome your residents and tenants, assist, clean, repair, maintain, watch out, handle an insurance claim …